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Hi, I'm Shaun Snapp. Welcome to my profile.

Shaun Snapp's Bio:

Shaun wears several hats. 

Shaun is an independent SAP APO consultant with extensive implementation experience. Specializing in supply chain planning (demand, supply, and production). He works primarily in SAP SNP, but also works in SAP DP and SAP PP/DS - he has experience working in many other APO modules as well. Shaun often works in supply network planning, with the material master and product master and has developed a custom product called 3S that can help literally any company improve their supply chain master data and their overall system output. (

Shaun is the Managing Editor of SCM Focus (, which is one of the most popular websites covering supply chain software. This site covers topics from SAP APO to forecasting to how to work with implementation partners. Shaun is one of the few objective sources of information on SAP -- that is someone who provides information based upon accuracy first rather than "selling" SAP or simply repeating what SAP marketing says. 

He is an author of 16 books on supply chain and IT decision making topics. His Amazon book list is here: 

Finally, Shaun performs research and estimation into enterprise software to support better decision making. This research is available at the only site of its kind for several of the areas of research, and has everything from interactive TCO calculators to comparative solution architecture calculations. It is called Software Decisions and is available at

Shaun Snapp's video links are the following: 


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Shaun Snapp's Experience:

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Shaun Snapp's Interests & Activities:

Enterprise Software, Supply Chain Planning, Economics, Exercise, Travel to Exotic Locals.

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